Serving Fort Worth and all of North Texas with Affordable, Quality, energy efficient vinyl replacement Windows. Our vinyl replacement windows can be installed quickly and start saving you money instantly.  There are not many consumer products that pay for themselves, however energy efficient windows will do just this!  The key is to not overpay for your product.  WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS and our pricing reflects this reality!

Energy efficient replacement windows offer one of the best dollar for dollar remodeling investments.  Energy efficient windows pay for themselves through energy savings.  The Department Of Energy has determined that inefficient windows can be costing you from 35-49% of your energy bill.  If you replace your existing inefficient windows expect your energy cost to decrease comparatively.  Energy efficient windows can reduce your energy cost by 35-49%!!!  Considering your energy cost savings, our affordable pricing allows you to recapture your return on investment within a time frame of roughly sixty months. 

All of our windows and patio doors are double or triple-pane argon gas filled, lowE3, energy-saver glass.  We only sell quality energy efficient windows which means our windows will have a U-factor of .29 and a SHG of .21 or less.  This also means your new windows will qualify for a Federal Tax Credit of $200.00. IRS form 5695

Why live in an uncomfortable home with drafty, leaky windows that make your home hot in the summer and cold in the winter?  Additionally poor quality windows allow dust and allergens into your home.  Stop suffering with every pollen bloom!

We guarantee the best price for any comparable energy-efficient window!

We are dedicated to providing the best energy efficient replacement windows in Fort Worth and all of North Texas at the very best price. We use Certified Master Installers and our factory warranties are unparalleled.

Upon completion of your window installation, we will provide our manufacturers Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Since our windows are locally made in Fort Worth, Texas, any rare occurrence of a warranty issue is addressed almost immediately, usually within 48 hours.  Warranty calls take preference over all other manufacturing timelines and are addressed immediately.  If you’ve purchased windows from a company located out of state, it can take as long as six weeks to resolve whatever issues you may have!!!

If you’re uncertain about budgetary restraints or the affordability of new windows allow us to submit a credit application to our finance department.  We don’t play pricing games by marking up your window estimate to a point that we can offer zero percent financing or futuristic payment plans.  We give you the best price we can offer up front and our financing department is highly competitive with other lending institutions!

If our price is acceptable, one of our installers will come to your home to measure the actual fractions of your window openings because all of our windows are custom fitted to each individual window opening.  It normally takes 2-3 weeks for a custom window order to be completed once it’s placed.  Our master certified installers install approximately 15-19 windows per day, so your window installation can be completed within this computed time frame.

The turnkey price that you’ll be quoted is inclusive of original window removal, new window installation, and all other ancillary expenses such as caulk, screws, clean-up, etc.

Free Consultations and In-home estimates.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Affordable Quality Windows refuses to be undersold!  We will meet or beat any price for energy efficient vinyl windows of comparable quality.  Don’t be taken in by cheap builder grade windows that claim Energy Star ratings.  Some “Energy Star” ratings are much less stringent than the criteria that revolutionized the way were built since the unprecedented $1,500.00 tax credit was implemented in 2009-2010.  Our windows exceed all of the recommended National Fenestrations Ratings Council (NFRC) guidelines established to qualify a window for this revolutionary tax credit.  Literally, a tax credit compliant window will stop a 180 degree heat lamp. 

If you are ready to buy windows, keep in mind we have a wide selection of vinyl windows and Patio Doors.  Whatever your personal window needs are may be, (replacement windows, triple pane windows, sliding windows, Sound proof windows, low E windows, etc.), Affordable Quality Windows has you covered. Whether you are located in Fort Worth, Texas or the DFW Metroplex we are at your service!

​We are able to deliver our professional and quality based window services from our amazing window company like no other (Window World, Anderson Windows, Marvin, Peachtree, etc.) to all the nearby areas (Addison, Aledo, Allen, Argyle, Arlington, Aubrey, Bedford, Blue Mound, Carrollton, Celeste, Colleyville, Coppell, Corinth, Crossroads, Dallas, Denton, Desoto, Double Oak, Duncanville, Euless, Everman, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Forest Hill, Fort Worth, Frisco, Garland, Glenrose, Granbury, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Haltom City, Highland Park, Highland Village, Hurst, Irving, Keller, Kennedale, Lake Dallas, Lake Worth, Lantana, Las Colinas, Lewisville, Mansfield, McKinney, Mesquite, North Richland Hills, Pantego, Pilot Point, Plano, Prosper, Red Oak, Richardson, Richland Hills, Roanoke, Rockwall, Rowlett, Saginaw, Sanger, Sherman, South Lake, Terrell, The Colony, Trophy Club, University Park, Watauga, Weatherford, WestLake, Westworth, etc.).  Replacement windows for your home are a delightful breeze with our amazing services.

If you do not live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex (proper), call us to determine if we can add you to our service area. We come to you providing the best replacement window services available. 


As previously mentioned, Affordable Quality Windows has a vast collection and assortment of new windows as well as the most up to date modern windows. Some of the more popular home replacement windows are as follows:

Aluminum Windows: represent the most common window type in America.  They are so inefficient, that most city and county regulatory bodies no longer deem them “Code Compliant”.  A great majority of the aluminum window companies that once existed have gone out of business or changed manufacturing techniques to produce vinyl or composite windows.  Once considered the most economical window, but because so few manufacturers remain, (And those that do, primarily produce replacement parts), Aluminum windows have become more expensive than their vinyl counterparts.

American Made Windows: Affordable Quality Windows proudly supports this great nation of ours by strictly dealing with windows only made in America! In fact, our windows are made in north Texas and only for North Texans.  You can buy from us with confidence knowing you will get only the best of “American Made” window quality! 

Arched Windows: or Architectural Windows.  This category list many different types of (geometric) “shaped” windows.  Full, Half, & Quarter round windows, Eyebrows, Octagons, Pentagons, and Trapezoids, etc!  Many, many types of “shaped” windows.  Architectural windows must be handmade.  They cannot be manufactured on an assembly line.  You can’t pull a typical employee from an assembly line and have him start making “shaped” windows.  These are the guys with the highest salaries on the factory floor and have had extensive training.  It’s a true “art” making shaped windows.  And for this reason, Architectural windows cost about $150.00 more than their rectangular counterparts.  If you find yourself on Jeopardy and win a lot of money with this answer, you must split your winnings with me!  Texas has more Architectural Windows than all 49 States combined.  We are able to meet your arched (et al) window size requirements with ease, however you might see us making a cardboard template for really difficult patterns. 


Awning Windows: 

Pictured are awning windows over Casement windows in a Bow Window. These are great windows for letting in fresh air and are aesthetically gorgeous! They offer a very tight seal and operational hardware exist so that shorter people can operate them!  We’ve installed these as high as 20 ft. from the floor. One of the more distinctive and unique style windows all of its own! 

Basement Windows: You can never go wrong when it comes to adding additional natural lighting through our selection of basement windows. Brighten up any room throughout your downstairs with our professional help!  Basement windows should be extra secure employing heavy cam locks, and/or steel “AUTO LOCKS”.  Using tempered glass is also a very good idea.

Pictured is an “auto lock” that automatically locks when a window is closed and offers much better security than typical plastic cam locks.


Bathroom Window: Since bathrooms are considered a “Slip & Fall” area of your home, if a window is located within 60 inches of a bathtub or shower drain, City building regulations require these windows be fitted with tempered glass.  Other areas where tempered glass is mandatory is when a window is located less than 18 inches from the floor.  Also stairwells and/or landings are considered “Slip & Fall” areas.

Windows in bathrooms are usually where you find obscured glass.  We have many different varieties of obscured glass patterns to choose from. 

But bathrooms are not the only place for obscured glass.  Check out this exterior courtyard entrance where obscured glass was utilized to absolute perfection!

Bay Windows: Bay windows make any home stand out!  They’re very imaginative and break the mold of mediocrity! They’re well known for adding additional space and create an artistic flare that demands attention!  Let us help you choose windows that will add to the curb appeal of your home and at the same time offer a panoramic outdoor view.

Bow Window:  A bow window is similar to a bay window in that it protrudes from a wall.  That’s where the difference ends.  Individual window panels are mulled together forming a bow or semicircular pattern.  A bay window presents angles, whereas a bow represents circles.

*** See “AWNING WINDOWS” above for a well-designed and attractive photograph of a BOW window.

Casement Window:  Utilized almost exclusively in Europe, casement windows open from left to right or vice versa just like a door.  They’re upper end windows on the pricier side of window expenditures.  However the extra expense is not wasted.  Casement windows are an excellent design.  They seal tighter than most any other operable windows.  They feature a crank handle that opens and closes the windows but also utilize a large cam lock that pulls the window even tighter against its seals.  Seals are present on both sides and the top and bottom.  As attractive as casement windows are, they do present a few minor disadvantages.  Because casement windows open to the outside, they catch wind, so size limitations are in effect from just about every window manufacturer.  I’m personally not aware of any window manufacturers that offer a casement window larger than 36” X 72”.  This doesn’t mean that multiple casement windows can’t be mulled together to fill larger window openings.  A “Twin Casement” is one of my favorite window styles.  Another idiosyncrasy of a casement windows is that the screen is on the inside of the house, rather than the outside, if they have a screen at all. 

Taking a casement window one step further brings about the “Tilt and Turn” Window.

Owning a window company, and having seen almost every style window, perhaps you'd like an insider's perspective.  Tilt and Turn windows are not cost effective if your window needs are based solely on energy savings. They're among the most expensive in the industry, and definitely fall into the luxury item category. The mechanisms and design are German engineering.

This style window tilts both inwards at the top for ventilation, or turns inwards on hinges for a full opening window. Both functions are done with the same handle. Turning the handle up will tilt the top open, while turning the handle down will open it to the inside of your home like a refrigerator door.  Even though Tilt-and-Turn windows are expensive, this doesn’t mean they’re not highly efficient. You’ll find gaskets on all four sides of the frame for maximum insulation. Tilt-and-Turn windows also feature multi-point locking, making the window seal tighter and more securely. 

All windows have various limitations. Such limitations associated with Tilt and Turns would be size restraints, just like with a casement window.  The maximum width of a Tilt and Turn window is 36 inches. The maximum height is 72 inches. This does not mean a wider window could not be fabricated, only that it would involve creating twins or triplets, as in side by side window placements, or multiple windows aligned in a row, separated by mull bars.

Another issue might be that this window opens just the opposite of a casement window, in that it opens inward (into your home) rather than outward like a casement window. You wouldn’t be able to have furniture exceeding the sill height in front of the window, unless you choose to operate only the tilt feature of this window. Curtains, draperies, shutters, and blinds will all require specific fitment for proper utilization concerning inward opening windows.

Cheap Windows:  I mostly associate hearing this from rental property owners: “It’s just a rent house, so I’d like to purchase the cheapest windows you offer.”  First of all, energy efficient windows offer a dollar for dollar return on investment, according to just about every major real estate and architectural publication, council or board.  It’s a known fact that rental properties suffer more abuse than owner occupied homes.  Why would you want cheap windows, with questionable warranties, subjected to neglect and misuse by uncaring tenants?  This is a circumstance where I recommend a good strong quality window, with a solid lifetime warranty.

Affordable Quality Windows offers the best value available and will match or beat any competitor prices!

Church Windows: More often than not these are usually ordered in the style of a stained glass window which can be highly costly but well worth the price! Make sure these windows are installed free from traffic or risk of breakage.  Affordable Quality Windows does not offer Stained glass windows but can make recommendations of reputable artist in this field.

Commercial Windows: Inclusive of our residential home replacement windows, Affordable Quality Windows offers great window products for commercial businesses.

A determination will have to be made if code requires “fire rated” glass.

Custom Window: 

Every window we sell is custom made, unless we have mis-measures on hand.  These are great for the “do-it-yourselfers” or projects needing a window or two!  Perfect for new construction projects or add-ons, and a real bargain.  Call us today to see what we have on hand! (817) 382-6140

Discount Windows: All of Affordable Quality Windows are fairly priced.  We treat people the way we want to be treated!

Dormer Windows: On some homes, dormer window are purely aesthetic and have no practical purpose other than accenting a home’s curb appeal.  They’re located in an attic which allows heat to permeate through your ceilings.  Energy saver glass should be added to your dormer windows.  Other dormer windows are found in spare bedrooms or an attic that’s been converted to a bedroom.  Normally they’ll feature a bench below the window adding space saving storage.

Double Hung Window: Double hung windows are the darlings of Home Shows.  When a salesman tilts in the upper and lower sash and demonstrates how the exterior of a window can be cleaned from inside your home, most people gasp in awe!  Then the salesman will lower only the upper sash and explain that since hot air rises, lowering the upper sash on two or more windows creating a cross draft, the hotter air in your home will be eliminated quickly.

If you’re considering an energy efficient window purchase for your home, perhaps you'd like an insider's perspective to help make a more informed decision.

Double hung window are the windows that draw the most attention at Home Shows and window showrooms.  A "double hung window" is a window that features both a bottom sash and top sash that operate independently. The sash panels will also tilt inward into your home. This tilt feature is touted as making it easier for you to clean the window, as it can be cleaned from the inside of your home and it's not necessary to remove the screen. (This is truly a benefitial feature for 2 and 3 story homes or townhomes.)

Window salesmen love this window because it basically sells itself once a person starts to play with the various features.

Disadvantages of Double Hung windows.

*** Here is what the pamphlets and window salesmen won’t tell you.***

AIR LEAKAGE - A good double hung window usually post respectable energy efficiency numbers. The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) operates a voluntary program that tests, certifies, and labels windows, doors, and skylights based on their energy performance ratings. The NFRC label provides a reliable way to determine a window's energy properties and to compare products.

• Air leakage is the rate of air movement around a window, door, or skylight in the presence of a specific pressure difference across it. It's expressed in units of cubic feet per minute per square foot of frame area (cfm/ft2). A product with a low air leakage rating is tighter than one with a high air leakage rating.

If anyone in your family struggles with allergies this should be important to you. Air leakage - is the weakest link associated with double hung windows. Double hung windows feature tilting sashes, and the window frames are not completely encased around an operable sash as are single hung windows. They do not feature "tension locks" as found on casement and Tilt-an-Turn windows which draws a tight seal when a window is closed.

Air, dust, allergens, and pollen will all seep around double hung window sashes in winds of as low as 18-26mph. Even outdated aluminum windows record superior “Air Leakage” performance numbers in comparison to double hung windows.

In this photo you can see an NFRC label from one of our single hung windows, showing the best air leakage number (.1) an operating window can achieve.


If you are hoping your new energy efficient windows will pay for themselves, the more you pay for your windows, the slower your rate of return. Double Hung windows are a more expensive alternative than Single hung windows. Consequently recouping your initial investment will be extended.


The great majority of window companies do not make all the parts for their own windows. They utilize vendors for adhesives, glass, hardware, etc. If you were to look at several different makes of double hung windows, you might notice the release catches for the tilt feature on double hung windows are similar if not identical, manufacturer to manufacturer. Whichever vendor is most aggressive price wise at the time usually ends up with the lion’s share of the industry business. Ballast, balances, and cam locks are other hardware item that can be found to be interchangeable. Double hung windows feature multiple moving parts. Movable parts are subject to wear, and because lower grade vinyl and plastics are often implemented in hardware manufacturing, these parts are susceptible to discoloring, becoming brittle, warpage, and outright breakage. You should naturally assume service or warranty issues are more probable with double hung windows.

We sell a great many Double Hung windows because our clients demand them.  Our double hung windows are built with the highest quality hardware and parts to last a lifetime!  But we’ll never hold anything back relating the good and BAD features a window may possess.  Once again as stated previously, we treat people the way we’d like to be treated when purchasing a new product.  Unfortunately many salesmen deceive their customers via omission.  

Egress Window: 

An egress window comes in many different styles and forms and are usually installed in a lower level (basement) of the home. (See Basement Windows above)  The main purpose and engineering of an egress window is to allow for someone to exit to the outdoors safely in case of an emergency such as a fire, earthquake, etc. An egress window must meet minimum size standards to allow for all kinds of body types/sizes to exit safely and in a quick manner without obstruction.  Awning, Transom, and Hopper windows apply well under these circumstances.

Fiberglass Windows: These windows are touted as an alternative to Vinyl or Composite windows.  Fiberglass framed windows do not offer superior energy ratings to vinyl or composite windows.  They can be stronger.  A stronger frame is advantageous with larger windows, as the more glass in a window, the heavier it will be.  Fiberglass windows are a more expensive alternative and it must be stated, that every fiberglass window sold comes with a repair kit.  This should be a RED FLAG for potential customers!  Several fiberglass window companies fabricate their window frames to resemble or replicate a wood window, and are aesthetically very beautiful.  Cost can be a determining factor.  (High end).

Floor to Ceiling Windows: 

Sometimes called picture windows, these are truly larger than life & offer dramatic views!  Energy efficient glass is essential under these circumstances.  (See attached photo)  My grandson is pictured for size comparison.  BIG HONKER WINDOWS!!!

French Windows: 

These truly are among the most elegant of all windows!  Usually built by mulling casement windows that each open in the opposite direction.  Keeping in mind that “Twins” can also be arched or eyebrow windows adding to the distinctiveness. 

***  High End!  Very pricey!

French Casements below with awning windows above.

Garden Window: 

These are meant to allow you as much natural sunlight as possible so you can grow fresh flowers and a variety of garden items within the confines of your own home. Usually found above a kitchen sink.  Some models even open up to allow fresh air!  Unfortunately the Tax Credit of 2009 pretty much killed Garden Windows.  It’s just too difficult for window companies to build a Garden Window that meets the criteria for energy efficiency.  Very few window companies offer Garden Windows any more.  Heat pours through these windows!  We don’t personally make these windows but on occasion have ordered from a company in California.  Because of a lack of competition, our actual cost begins at $2,100.00 for a basic 36” X 36” garden window!!

Glass Block Windows: 

These type of windows are purposely cloudy and opaque in order to add a unique style and sophistication of its own. They are usually installed in bathrooms near showers, etc. to allow for added privacy!  Unfortunately these windows were also killed by the unprecedented Tax Credit of 2009 that revolutionized how windows are built today.  Glass Block windows are horribly inefficient.

Home Skylight: 

These are an amazing addition to your home if properly installed. There truly is no better view of looking at the stars all cozy and warm under your roof on a calm summer night. Then again, you can enjoy it all year long for many years to come. Stargazing is only one benefit, natural light for the majority of the day is another!  To save energy, new designs in skylights are being made utilizing mirrors, avoiding direct sunlight.

Home Window Tinting: 

Beyond having us install new energy efficient windows in to your home; another neat way to lower your utility bills and to maintain an even flow climate is to have a tinting film added to your windows. This helps block the brightness of natural light but still harnesses the power of the sun to your advantage. 

Insulated Windows: 

Usually an insulated window is filled with various gasses (Argon which is 8 times heavier than air) and (Krypton gas, which is 12 times heavier than air).  Krypton gas is normally too expensive to be used in residential windows.  It is used in a number of commercial glass buildings above the 6th floor. Keep in mind it takes about 180 degrees of heat to excite the molecules in Argon gas to allow heat to pass through.  Insulated glass units prevent heat form entering your home, and keep heat in during the winter months.  Because of the efficiency of insulated glass units you’re A/C Heat unit will work only half as hard prior to getting energy efficient windows, which accounts for the tremendous cost savings seen on your energy bill

Integrity Windows: 

Our American/Texan made windows are scientifically engineered for strength, so you can count on them for the life of your home ownership!

Kitchen Window: … or pass through windows.  We carry a large selection so call us or fill out our online form to learn more!  (817) 382-6140

Jalousie Windows: 

With these type of windows, think of a split safari style window with multiple segments that all simultaneously work together as one. These windows are obsolete and haven’t been made in 30 or more years.  They are single pane windows that operate like opening and closing blinds.  Ridiculously inefficient, but if you can find one at an Old Home Store or antique shop, they’d make a great addition to a shed our outdoor workroom!  Call us, we'll install it for you!

Large Windows: Affordable Quality Windows carries a humongous selection of large windows (no pun intended)!  ***See BIG HONKER WINDOWS above!

Low E Windows: We have some of the best energy efficient windows you can imagine! Most of our windows use 366 Energy Saver Glass.  Broken down, this means (3) coatings of Low E, (Silver oxide) added to the glass.  Windows with 3 coatings of silver oxide or LowD allows 66% light transmission through the glass.

(Enough coats, 12 +/- of silver oxide added to glass creates a mirror!

Mobile Home Windows: 

Mobile Homes are infamous as being inefficient when compared to a brick and mortar homes.  Do NOT suffer during out hot summers, or continue to freeze during the winter!  Our energy efficient windows designed just for mobile homes will make your life tremendously more comfortable at a super reasonable cost!  Affordable Quality Windows is able to come right to your front door step for all your window needs!  (Because mobile homes are typically higher off the ground than brick homes, this is one instance where we do recommend a tilt sash for easy cleaning.

​Modern Windows: We can outfit your home with many different types of contemporary and amazingly designed modern windows that are sure to turn heads.


Energy efficient windows reduce the cost of your energy bills, however that is not the only benefit.  According to Architectural Digest and numerous other industry authorities, energy efficient windows equal a dollar for dollar return on investment. Curb appeal of your home will likely be highly elevated, creating an inference of greater value and increased home-owner gratification.

Why would anyone choose to live with hot or cold drafty windows when reduced energy bills will pay for energy efficient windows?

AFFORDABLE QUALITY WINDOWS wants to be your window company! Please give us a call: (817) 382-6140. 7am-7pm M-F, 9am-5pm Saturdays. Closed on Sundays.

New Windows and Mis-measures

: Every window we build is “NEW”, and carries a lifetime warranty.  Occasionally we have mis-measured windows and/or 2nds.  If you call us you can likely find a decent variety of windows at bargain basement prices.  Perhaps you have an addition, shed, or small construction project you’re undertaking.  Unfortunately these windows are not warranted because we have not installed the window or sent it through our quality control department, however the pricing will be difficult to beat!

Picture Window: These are the same kind of windows such as the large floor to ceiling window. However, the main thing to keep in mind here is the picture window does not have to be larger than life; just provide an amazing unobstructed, panoramic view.

Residential Window: Affordable Quality Windows is able to fulfill all of your home replacement window needs, anytime!

Round Window: This kind of windows are obviously self-explanatory. They are used for art, design and fun, and making an architectural statement!

Shed Window: 

If you know that your shed is secure and safe...nothing truly beats having a shed window installed. The main reason is that the shed has no source of thermal regulation for either hot or cold temperatures. This means the shed can be downright awful in most instances. Having a window installed is a great solution to allow for more sunlight to enter into the shed, (or PLAYHOUSE!). For whatever reason you will not regret doing so!

Single Hung Window: Single hung windows are the most common of all window types.  They are economical and highly energy efficient by today’s standards.   Their ease of operation and lower prices make them a favorite among the majority of window purchases. They also allow a considerable amount of fresh air to circumvent throughout your home.

Single Pane Windows: These kind of windows are almost extinct like the dinosaurs! They are non-efficient and waste a lot of energy by letting it pass through with no barrier like double or triple pane windows.

Sliding Window: Also known as a slider window, the sliding window does just as its name implies, sliding horizontally either left or right.

Standard Window Sizes: Affordable Quality Windows offers a wide variety of standard window sizes to meet the pickiest of desires! Do not put off updating your home with our durable and elegant energy efficient windows any longer!

Steel Windows:   Primarily installed into commercial buildings and businesses with no real practical benefits for residential usage.

Storm Window: A storm window is basically a window intended to withstand destructive winds & foul weather.  Many home-owners believe storm windows make their windows more energy efficient.  Truth be told, they do not help with heat penetration and dust and insects accumulate between the outer barrier glass and the original window.

Sunroom Windows: Another word for a sunroom would be an atrium. These types of windows are glorious and are perfect for having a wide array of tropical fruits and plants to be grown indoors. There is no better way to integrate the difference between the great outdoors and the beauty of your own home. Truly a masterpiece for any home!

Thermal Windows: Essentially these are the same as a LowE or Energy Star rated window, displaying high efficiency.

Transom Window: These kind of windows are used to enhance a hallway/walkway as well as a large picture window. They can be used as a way to create air flow and are usually in various shapes closest to that of rectangles.  Smaller windows that compliment an entry door or accenting other windows.

Triple Pane Windows: Feature 3 panes of glass housed inside of an insulated glass unit.  They are definitely higher priced, mainly due to more glass.  Normally a triple-pane glass unit will be 1 inch thick which will require a thicker frame than a double pane window.  Conversely, you’ll have less glass to see out of.  (See picture)  A thicker frame means less visibility out of your window.

When vinyl frames became the standard material for window manufacturing many people recognized that the new vinyl windows had larger, thicker frames than the aluminum windows they had grown accustomed to. Wider frames equals less glass in the available opening. Newer vinyl windows feature heavier insulated glass and a wider separation between the panes.

A triple-pane window with energy saver glass will stop a 200 degree heat lamp.   Hey hold on here a moment…, (A double pane window will stop a 180 degree heat lamp).  If we ever experience a 180 degree day, we’re all in trouble!  Paying 60-100% more for a triple-pane window such a good idea. 

A triple-pane window does provide an 80% reduction over aluminum windows regarding sound transmission.  However a double pane window will reduce those same sounds by 60%.  If you’re considering triple-pane windows simple because of the sound reduction, search out “Audio Glass” sound reduction windows.  There are double-pane windows that will match triple-pane performance without losing visibility.

Some window companies build their frames so thick for the extra weight of triple-pane glass units the results are horrifyingly UGLY!  (Frames this thick are the result of  poor engineering techniques and cheap extrusion methods.

Here is a picture of a properly engineered extrusion for a triple-paned glass unit.

Affordable Quality Windows wants to become your residential window company. Call us for a free quote (817) 382-6140.

While on the subject of vinyl window frames, I’d like to mention a little more information window installations that might help with your window purchasing decisions. 

Brick homes are the easiest install.  Frame or siding walls occasionally create installation issues due to wood rot.  Stucco homes are definitely the most challenging replacement window installation.  When removing the old windows, chips of stucco that were sloppily adhered to the existing window frames are subject to flaking off, leaving an unsightly mess.  We offer vinyl window frames engineered just for stucco applications!!!   A flange is built into the frame that allows the window to be tightly sealed AND conceal unsightly flaking of stucco.  Our stucco flange pictured along with a stucco home where we installed these windows.

Vinyl Replacement Windows: These windows are by far our number one sellers for all of your home replacement window needs. They come in many sizes, shapes and colors and are guaranteed to last with very minimal upkeep!

Window Frames: Important as the window glass; a solid frame built correctly makes all the difference when it comes to having a high quality home window installed in your home. (817) 382-6140

Window Screen Repair: What good is an awesome window if it does not have a good window screen to match it? If you ever are in need of replacement window screen, give us a call and see just how fast we can help you out!  All of our screens are covered under our lifetime warranty just like our windows.

Window Sizes: Affordable Quality Windows has many window sizes to meet all of your personal replacement window needs!

Window Styles: As you can see, we have many different window styles to meet your strict window demands!

Wood Windows: Wooden windows do not do well in Texas!  Wooden windows do not meet the criteria of the Tax Credit of 2009 and just about all wood window companies have gone by the wayside.  If you are restoring an old Victorian house project, or simple appreciate the natural beauty of wood, alternatives do exist and we have a solution for you! The hybrid wood window is your best option with the wood part being on the interior of the home and the exterior is made out of a durable vinyl or even aluminum clad vinyl.  This way the wood will last for many years and never warp or chip. A composite window frame can be constructed to look identical to wood but will last a lifetime.

A rotted wooden window we replaced.  (Before and after pictures.)

Windows and Doors: Beyond Affordable Quality Windows offering you the best quality window products; we are also able to help you with patio doors.  Patio doors are the only doors capable of meeting the Tax Credit of 2009.  We can install energy efficient patio doors that match your new replacement energy efficient windows. Inquire within and see what value we can offer you helping you keep your hard earned dollars in your wallet!  

AFFORDABLE QUALITY WINDOWS wants to be your window company! Please give us a call: (817) 382-6140. 7am-7pm M-F, 9am-5pm Saturdays. Closed on Sundays.


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Terry Strutters

My home looks like it has been completely remodeled and all I did was replace my windows! The cost was far less than I expected and I am already getting a return on my investment with lower utility bills. Affordable Quality Windows was very easy to work with and I appreciate their professional job. Thanks!

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