Replacement windows will enhance the value of your home and if you call Affordable Quality Windows we guarantee the lowest price and the highest quality.

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At Affordable Quality Windows we guarantee you the lowest price and the highest quality windows for your home.


Installing energy efficient windows in your home will save you money all year.

Affordable Quality Windows

Hello and welcome!  We are Affordable Quality Windows, and if you thought you couldn’t afford new energy-efficient replacement windows for your home, you are in for a pleasant surprise.   Our Lewisville, Texas residents have come to appreciate the exquisite quality of our gorgeous vinyl replacement windows; and just as importantly, they have come to realize how truly affordable they are.  Our goal is to offer homeowners a vast selection of designs, functions and tech-savvy features that satisfy the scrutiny of the most budget-conscious homeowner as well as fulfill the most extravagant of personal inclinations.  Either way, our reputation precedes us since our continued goal is to surpass every client’s expectations.

Affordable Quality Windows is an exclusive dealer of American Window, a local company that provides windows with some of the best federal ratings in the industry.  Their dedication to aesthetics, design, scientific engineering and energy-efficiency is remarkable, and we are proud to offer Lewisville residents the best of the best without compromising affordability.

Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows = Impressive ROI

Perhaps you are aware that replacement windows rank as one of the top investment returns for one’s home.  Angie’s List founder, Angie Hicks, points out that seasoned real-estate professionals give new-window replacement hearty approval as a top home-improvement project since the rate-of-return, or ROI, for this type of add-on is at least 70%!  Along with a generous ROI, our vinyl, replacement windows add instant curb appeal and beauty to the inside of any home; they provide immediate equity; and they work to control heating and cooling costs the very day they are installed.  In fact, depending on which window model you might choose, you can experience an, overall, reduction in your energy costs by a whopping 35-49%!  Invisible glass-coatings, vacuum-sealed spaces filled with inert gas, advanced framing materials and superior weather stripping, for example, work together with other cutting-edge features to provide optimum energy efficiency.

Our Widows Excel

The extraordinary technologies embedded into each of our windows work together to provide the kind of climate-controlled performance each window is destined to deliver.    

Scientific Engineering

Would it surprise you to know that specially-treated glass panels reduce solar heat-gain by as much as 50% over ordinary glass windows?   Or how about glazed surfaces and gas-filled compartments that create the ultimate insulation value of R-20?  Then, there are vinyl replacement windows with dead-air pockets that perfectly simulate natural insulation.  Extremes of heat and cold are no match for hi-tech windows created to combat the most intrusive weather conditions.


Maintenance-free windows that provide Tilt-in technology make cleaning them mere child’s play.  Without ever leaving the comfort and security of your home, you can clean exterior window surfaces within minutes--no ladders, no climbing, no mess and no fuss.


If your current windows leave you feeling concerned about the safety of your family, we have window styles that will give you peace-of-mind.  Features including interlocking sashes and ‘double-throw locks’ provide enhanced security since you will be able to control the height your windows can be raised.  Children will be safe and sound, even in playrooms on upper levels.  Additionally, fixed heights that are changed only by you, from the inside, would serve to discourage any possible intrusions from the outside.   Windows and patio doors are, also, available with glass that is engineered to be hurricane and shatter-resistant.


Regardless of the types of windows your home might require, Affordable Quality Windows offers an almost-unlimited array of sizes, geometric designs, energy-efficient amenities and price ranges to satisfy every requirement or whim.  Whether ready-made or made-to-order, your new windows will meet your exact specifications.

Noise Control

Many families’ nighttime work schedules dictate sleep-time during the day; and it is here where windows that provide dramatic sound-reduction become truly coveted.  Our models with triple-pane construction will reduce outside racket by as much as a whopping 82% when compared to single-pane windows.  Barking dogs, loud traffic, construction equipment or the pool party next door will be replaced by blissful peace and quiet.

Tax Advantages

It may surprise you to learn that according to the Department of Energy, an average of 46-49% of a home’s heating or cooling is wasted due to sub-standard windows.  Because of this, a $200 Federal Tax Credit was established to encourage homeowners to replace ineffective windows with energy-efficient replacements.  Windows must meet various criteria including a .3 UV rating and a .3 SHG.  If your replacement windows qualify, you would use IRS Form #5695.

Best-Price Guarantee on Comparable Windows 

Our Lewisville patrons are extremely important to us; and if you live in the Lewisville area, we encourage you to take advantage of our Best-Price guarantee.  If you find any comparable, energy-efficient window anywhere else, contact us because we will give you the lowest price; and that’s our promise to you.  Our reputation rests on our commitment to our word and standing behind every product we offer.  That will never change.

Cost-Free Assessment

Gaining insight on how our energy-efficient windows will impact your utility bills won’t cost you a cent.  Give us a call to schedule a complementary consultation and in-home evaluation.   We are quite sure you will be stunned at how affordable our windows are and how you’re heating and cooling costs will be reduced.  Ask us about our generous factory warranties, as well.

You can, also, get in contact with us via our online option.  Simply go to the “Click-Here-For-A-Free Estimate” section and follow the user-friendly prompts.

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Schedule an appointment to visit our local office, or ask us any questions you may have by dialing: (817) 382-6140.  Our expert staff will be happy to discuss your window-replacement options.  Our goal for our Lewisville residents will never change:  we will meet every budget and exceed every expectation, so call now.


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