Replacement Windows

Waiting to replace your windows is costing you money. Replacement windows produce immediate benefits both visually and financially. Replacement windows upgrade your home’s interior and add to its “curb appeal”, new windows rejuvenate the look of any home from “Plain Jane” to extraordinary! But what you might not have known is that new windows offer one of the best returns on investment of any home improvement!

Energy Savings

The Department of Energy has determined that on average, 46-49% of your energy usage is being wasted by inefficient windows.  Hence a $1500.00 Federal Tax Credit (IRS Form 5695) was established to promote replacing your old inefficient single or double pane windows with energy efficient windows.  A minimum .3 UV rating & a .3 SHG on your replacement windows is required for your new windows to qualify for this 2009-2010 tax credit. (A home with inefficient windows can be compared to a refrigerator with the door always partially ajar.  With energy efficient windows, no more irregular temperatures through out the house where one room is warmer or colder than another.  A domino effect occurs with the installation of energy efficient windows in that your Air Conditioner & furnace will only have to work half as hard, which translates into reduced utility cost and an A/C unit that will last twice as long!)


Guaranteed Savings Several of the window manufacturers we work with guarantee (in writing) to reduce your energy bills by 35%! Security Today's scientifically engineered Vinyl windows are constructed with the highest quality materials, interlocking sashes, and “double throw locks” which limit the height your window can be raised. Your family will feel safe and secure on those cool spring and fall days & nights. Sound Reduction Do you have a neighbor that likes to mow his lawn at 5:30am Saturday mornings?  How about the neighbor across the street who's kid's band practices in their garage until almost midnight?  Are you in an air traffic control pattern?  Our triple pane windows afford an 82% - Sound Reduction - over single pane windows!!  Bye bye to boom boxes and the Harley crowd.  Woohoo!!! Maintenance Many models of replacement windows feature Tilt-In technology.  You can now easily wash your exterior glass safely from inside your home. Our new windows are virtually maintenance free.


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