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Installing energy efficient windows in your home will save you money all year.

Welcome! You have reached Affordable Quality Windows.  Discover why our energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows for Southlake, Texas residents are the true solution for dramatically slashing high heating and cooling costs, each and every month.   We realize that replacing windows in one’s home is a major consideration.  It’s our goal to make sure our clients receive exceptional-quality energy-efficient windows at unbeatable prices.  This is what makes Affordable Quality Windows the leading contender with window-replacement in all of North Texas.  If you find a high quality comparable energy-efficient window anywhere else, we’ll make sure you receive the absolute best price from us—and that’s a promise.  Our Best-Price guarantee reflects our integrity and our reputation; and we will not be undersold!

We partner with only Certified Master installers whose expertise means your snug-fitting windows will be installed quickly and seamlessly, allowing your HVAC system to begin to operate far less frequently from Day 1.   And since your entire HVAC system will work less, your heating and cooling systems will last longer.  Our vast window-selection offers every size and shape imaginable, even if your home requires custom-made configurations.

Affordable Quality Windows is an exclusive dealer of American Window Systems, whose name is renowned and whose reputations signify impeccable quality and state-of-the-art technology, offering some of the best federally rated windows in the industry.  Several of our manufacturers are so sure our Southlake clients will save up to 35% on their utility costs they offer their guarantees in writing.  Our manufacturers stand by their products and promises; and so do we!  It’s all about energy-efficiency combined with incomparable performance—at prices that will cater to any budget!

Vinyl Replacement Windows Provide Unexpected Advantages

Aside from the inherent beauty new replacement windows provide on the exterior and interior of a best, our vinyl replacement windows offer other benefits that may surprise you:

  1. High Return-on-Investment:

Angie Hicks, the founder of famed Angie’s List, shares revealing information from seasoned home-builders and real-estate professionals who point out that new energy-efficient windows offer a minimum of 70% return-on-investment, or ROI.  That translates into not only a high rate of return but instant equity in one’s home. 

  1. Tax Benefits:

The Department of Energy states that as much as 49% of a home’s energy-usage is literally wasted when inefficient windows are in place.  Because the waste is so excessive, a $200 Federal Tax Credit is in place.  Its purpose is to prompt homeowners to replace ineffective single or double-pane windows with energy-efficient alternatives.  Windows with a minimum of .3 UV rating and .3 SHG would qualify; and IRS Form 5695 would be needed.

  1. Hi-Tech Features:

Various models of vinyl replacement windows are created with special coatings and gas-filled chambers which offer optimal insulation-value—a whopping R-20!  Scientifically-engineered films can shield 99.5% of UV rays; and specially-treated glass panels can eliminate solar-heat gain by as much as 50% when compared to ordinary-glass windows.

Aside from energy-savings, noise-control is another state-of-the-art feature that is important to many Southlake families.   Eliminating invasive racket such as traffic, lawn-mowers, construction equipment etc. is a must for those with late-night work schedules.  When compared to single-pane windows, our windows with triple-pane construction will reduce outside noises by as much as 82%.  Peace and quiet never sounded so good!  

  1. Security:

Making sure our families are safe and sound is a given; and Affordable Quality Windows offers models of replacement windows that will enhance your family’s security, 24/7.   In addition to interlocking sashes, some window selections come equipped with ‘double-throw locks’ which regulate how high a window can be raised.  Windows that are locked in low positions protect young children anywhere in your home and discourage possible intruders, as well.   You may be interested in our windows and patio doors with engineered glass that is both hurricane and shatter-resistant.  Our windows’ safety features provide peace of mind!

We Have What You Need…and Then Some

Affordable Quality Windows offers a vast selection of every type of window imaginable—whether ready-made or made-to-order.  Our tilt-in style windows allow you to clean the exterior of your windows from the comfort of the inside of your home; and our bay, bow, half-circle, double-hung, fixed pane, casement, and sliding windows represent only a mere sampling of the types of windows that are available to our Southlake residents.  Geometric designs, operating styles, and decorator choices abound—we cater to every taste, preference and budget!

And be sure to take full advantage of our free consultation and in-home evaluation!  Simply give us a call and provide a time that suits your schedule to discuss your window-replacement options.  If you have an opportunity, schedule a visit to our Fort Worth location—we would love to meet you in person.   Additionally, you can provide window information on-line by going to the “Click-Here-For-A-Free-Estimate” section—once we have your requested information, we will get back with you in a timely manner. 

We look forward to addressing any inquiries you might have; and be assured that windows from Affordable Quality Windows provide the kind of aesthetics, design, functionality, energy-savings and affordability you won’t find anywhere else!


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